(375ml) Adelaide Hills, SA

In 2008 we grafted 5 acres of Chardonnay over to what we were told was Albariño, but which was later identified as Savagnin Blanc! In late April 2010 the fruit for this wine was chosen for a botrytised dessert wine. This is a difficult winemaking route so we fastidiously checked, picked and re-checked each bunch to ensure that it was infected with botrytis – and not afflicted with any other mould or damage. It was crushed, pressed and fermented until 135 g/l sugar remained. It tastes of cumquat marmalade, dried apricots, pineapple and butterscotch and is spectacularly delicious with the strongest and most pungent of cheeses, or pâte and desserts. Only 3 tonnes were ever picked before the block was pulled out, so it is in very short supply and restricted.

Currently a maximum of two(2) bottles per customer applies.