(750ml) Adelaide Hills, SA

Our Tempranillo was planted in 2013 from material we discovered in 2009 in three Spanish nurseries near Logroño and Valladolid. It took 4 years to get the first planting material through quarantine and planted out in the highest and warmest part of the vineyard. This is the third vintage and incorporates all 10 clones which were chosen for their superior colour, tannin, acid and flavour. While dusty cherry is the signature fruit flavour of Tempranillo, some clones have noticeable accents of strawberry and blueberry in a rich berry medley. This vintage was picked on 9 April at 13.7 baumé, vinified with regular pump-overs, and matured in a young hogshead and two seasoned barriques for 12 – 18 months. The three barrels were assembled for bottling in December 2019 so give it time to mature in the bottle!